Book Review: The Calling by Amber Foxx

“Love is a mystery. Every person is a mystery. Every life hides a secret.” So reads the tagline for Amber Foxx’s new Mae Martin psychic series, which further advertises, “No murders, just mysteries.” These books don’t fit neatly into any genre, a plus in my opinion. Ms. Foxx writes about deep things in life—love, vocation, where each of us fits here on the earth—but she writes about them in page-turning prose that involves us deeply with each of her full-realized characters. These stories are hard to put down, engaging the reader at multiple levels. On the most mundane, we want to know what happens next; the narrative is unusual and gripping, not in the sense of a “thriller” with car chases and life-threatening scenes, but in a deeper sense, as Mae struggles with life-defining decisions as her reawakened psychic abilities conflict with the safe, comfortable life she has established with her loving family in small-town North Carolina.

No murders, just mysteries. Love is a mystery. Every person is a mystery. Every life hides a secret. The first Mae Martin psychic mystery Published December, 2013

In this first book of the series, aptly titled THE CALLING, Mae’s psychic gifts refuse to stay hidden as she feels repeatedly called to exercise them in the service of saving lives, both human and feline. Initially, Mae feels a calling to simply become more than a mother and housewife; a chance opening for a physical trainer at the local gym prompts her to apply, but the job requires a short course taught at a nearby college followed by an exam for certification. Another seeming chance has Mae catching a ride to the college with a woman whose studies include a course in psychic phenomena. Mae’s ride encourages her to sit in on the course, and suddenly Mae is finding interest and encouragement for an ability she has previously been taught to keep hidden.

As events unfold, Mae finds her life spinning out of control, decisions escalating until they’re out of her hands. Lost in new territory, suddenly danger looms on every side. THE CALLING is a book you don’t want to miss and that you will be unable to put down.

Amber Foxx

If you didn’t catch my interview with THE CALLING’s author, Amber Foxx, you can read it here. And if you’d like to read yet another review, here is an excellent one from Goodreads. Amber’s website and blog may be visited at:

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